Looking at Spring: Meditations on Aging

I. Mornings
II. Nobody Dies Anymore
III. Boyfriends
IV. Water and Waves
V. Deadlines
VI. Child of the Blister
VII. With Grandchildren
VIII. Juice
IX. Terminal Cars
X. 98 in October
XI. As Long As I Remember My Children
XII. My Sandbox
XIII. A Paradoxical Thing
XIV. I Think of Aging as Being the Long Ritardando
XV. Last Uncle Left

a song cycle for soprano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano and optional reader

text by Liza Balkan, based on interviews with senior citizens living in Toronto and Central Vermont

duration: 42 Minutes

Looking at Spring was commissioned and premiered by Scrag Mountain Music at First Light Studios in Randolph, VT on May 30, 2014

An animated version of Movement 2: Nobody Dies Anymore:

Video excerpts:

Excerpt I, Movements 2 – 4:

Excerpt II, Movement 11:

Excerpt III, Movement 7:

Excerpt IV, Movement 13: