Baltic Crossings (2024) alto sax and piano
These Are Not Estonian Flowers (2021) string quartet
Songs From The Family Archive (2021) solo bassoon
Suite (of Childhood Learning) (2020) solo cello
Sophia’s Wide Awake Dreams (2017) string quartet and electronically-controlled sound sculptures
Small Infinities (2016) string quartet
Limestone (2016) cello plus percussion quartet
Small Looking Up (2015) violin and cello
Music for Bayside (2013) wind quintet
These Memories May Be True (2012) string quartet
Small Suite (2012) solo viola with clarinet, bassoon and double bass
Piano Trio (2012) piano trio
Song in Mistranslation (2011) flute, clarinet and cello
Three Gifts (2010) solo piano
Stories From My Grandmother (2009) flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Heart Rhythms (2008) violin, bass clarinet and cello
The Art of Remembering (2007) flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano and percussion
Frantic Gnarly Still (2007) violin and percussion
High Sierra Zen (2006) bassoon and piano
Strange Folk (2005) string quartet
Rain Down (2005) piano and percussion
Waltz (2002 rev. 2006) cello and piano