An Exciting Event

An Exciting Event is a band of composer-performers who come together from across the United States to create, explore and celebrate music and puppetry, employing overlooked materials such as glass bottles, plastic milk jugs, and yard waste; vintage forms such as rounds, iambic couplets, cumulative sentences, themes and variations; and unconventional systems of tuning, rhythm and communication. They hail from Somerville, Andover, and Boston, MA; Urbana, IL; Philadelphia, PA; Guilford, VT; St. Paul, MN; Seattle, WA; and Dunsmuir, CA.

Between 2008 and 2012  I worked with An Exciting Event on several project, most notably an evening-length puppet show/musical weaving together the late Louis “Moondog” Hardin’s catchy and complex madrigal rounds with a large array of instruments (including ‘found’ and toy instruments), original puppets, projections, and a script by Marji Gere. The Moondog Madrigal Puppet Show was performed in New York, San Francisco and Boston; other An Exciting Event performances include Ann Arbor and Houston.

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