In This World, George Is Heartbroken

a micro opera for mezzo, baritone and prepared piano

libretto by Hannah Moscovitch

duration: 6 minutes

In This World, George Is Heartbroken was premiered by Tapestry New Opera as part of their Opera Briefs performance in Toronto, ON on September 20, 2012.

Composer’s Note:

In This World, George Is Heartbroken is a 6-minute ‘micro-opera,’ comprising three scenes, each a different version of an interaction between a married couple, George and Martha. Librettist Hannah Moscovitch and I intended that the first two scenes represent George’s interior reactions to Martha’s insult, the first being his initial reaction of anger, expressing perhaps the way he wishes he could stand up for himself. His second reaction represents a different sort of wish, perhaps deeper and more considered, about the nature of his relationship with his wife. The third scene, represents what ‘really happens,’ at least what an outside observer would see. (George’s mind may not accept this version as the one that ‘really happens.’) At least this was our initial intent in writing the piece, though there may well be other ways to interpret the scenes.